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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Drew Ryniewicz - singing Just A Dream by Nelly: The X Factor USA 2011 - ...

Drew Ryniewicz has a fabulous career ahead of her. It may not come right away but it will be there by the time she is 16.

In the meantime she has to work on her stage prescence, how to relax and know how to move around and engage the audience during her stellar and talented performances.

i loved her vocals but the way they were delivered... i had a problem with that..

in england for many years it's common for a girl to sit behind a piano or instrument and just sit and sing.

in reality that's considered to be quite boring here in north america.

we like movement, glitz and a bit of glamour in our concerts.

i can see drew doing more than just her own concerts.

she would be perfect for movie voices and sing songs for disney films or other film animations out there...

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